Significant potential risks as well as large potential profits exist in forex trading. To invest in foreign exchange markets, you must be aware of the dangers and prepared to accept them. Avoid trading with funds you can’t afford to lose, especially when using leveraged products like forex. Any trading strategy or methodology’s previous performance is not a guarantee of future success. Due to unfavorable market trading conditions, mechanical mistakes, emotional errors, news surprises, and earnings announcements, you might lose all your money very quickly. Sn Forex Ltd. disclaims any liability for losses resulting from our trading signals. By becoming a member, you agree that you are making the decision to mimic our trades on your own account and that we are not giving you financial advice. We don’t know how much money you’re trading with or how much risk you’re incurring with each trade. The money paid to utilize our signals in this way cannot be reimbursed. You are responsible for your own financial decisions; we accept no liability for any gains or losses you may have incurred as a consequence of following our signals or advice regarding any forex-related goods on this website. Before utilizing Sn Forex Ltd. services, make sure you are aware of all the dangers involved in trading.


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1. Trading is Risky:

Forex trading is quite risky and should not be envisioned as a source of retirement income. As a result, it is best suited for consumers who are aware of the dangers, prepared to accept them, and financially able to withstand losses that might even be greater than the amount they invested. The risk must thus be properly understood before engaging in FX trading.

2. A Quick Loss Can Result from High Leverage And Low Margin:

High leverage and minimal margin might result in considerable losses due to price changes and volatility in foreign exchange and cross-currency contracts. When compared to the value of the foreign currency, the initial margin may be tiny, which allows for transactional leverage. Customers are always required to keep the open position’s minimum margin criteria intact. The consumer is responsible for keeping an eye on and tracking his net outstanding balance. We reserve the right to liquidate all open positions if the minimum requirement is not upheld. Similarly, to this, using leverage can result in significant gains as well as losses.

3. Risk-reducing Orders and Strategies:

Orders like stop-loss orders or stop-limit orders, which attempt to cap losses at a certain amount, may not be successful since they are occasionally unable to execute due to market conditions.

4. Options – Varying Amount of Risk

The risk factor rises when you engage in foreign currency transactions. You have two choices: put or call, and you should be aware of the distinctions and implications of each. To enhance your profits, you should be aware of which alternatives need to be expanded. Depending on the type of options and the nature of the option that was acquired, the buyer may offset the option or even let it expire. A cash statement is always the outcome of exercising an option. In some cases, the buyer can also purchase spot positions with the corresponding margin responsibilities. You will lose everything you invested, including the cost of buying the option and the transaction fees if the options you have acquired expire. It is important to note that options far out of the money have the lowest likelihood of becoming lucrative. There are several details involved in buying and selling options, therefore you should be cautious enough to carefully review all such facts before engaging in it because it might have significant consequences. Before engaging in the same, check the terms, the potential loss it might cause, and any connected circumstances.

5. Market recommendations are only for informational purposes; the final decision is yours.

Based on the statistics we have found, the market suggestion we offer is entirely informative. Customers are free to pick or disregard the recommendations, and you are free to make your own choice. We are not serving as your adviser, and we are not responsible for any losses, fees, or other costs that you might experience as a result of making additional investments. The advice only provides you with information to help you. You are free to choose whether to abide by it.

6. Personal judgments are used to make recommendations:

The suggestions that we offer on our website are based on our own assessment. The fact that they will always be in line with market positions is not something we can promise. Although we gather information from trustworthy and authoritative sources, we cannot always guarantee correctness.

7. Conversion, commission, and other fees:

You must have a thorough understanding of all of your commissions, fees, and associated costs before you begin trading. You must be aware that changes in foreign exchange rates will have an impact on the profit and losses experienced in contracts denominated in foreign currencies, and you will be responsible for paying the exchange rate costs when computing net profit and loss.

8. Deals Made in Other Countries:

A number of additional hazards might result from transactions in marketplaces connected to the local market. Before engaging in any transactions, you should confirm this information. The local regulatory body and markets may also have an impact.

9. Online trading

There are many various sorts of risks associated while trading on an online platform, including device failure, software failure, internet connectivity problems, and others. We will not be held liable for any loss or damage that may result from it because we are not in charge of the IT infrastructure, router connectivity, or PC troubles. Additionally, we will not be responsible for any additional damages that result from the same; instead, you will be held liable for them.

10. Bankruptcy Creditor Priority:

You ought to be aware of the protection offered to cash and other assets that you have deposited through domestic and international currency exchange transactions. You should review the laws and regulations to see how much money and other assets you might lose if you are declared bankrupt.


We at Sn Forex Ltd. Signals offer foreign exchange using the Telegram app. You acknowledge that you are utilizing the service at your own risk when using Sn Forex Ltd. signals. We are not licensed, broker-dealers or investment advisors. You should only utilize your risk capital for forex trading because exceptionally high levels of hazards are involved. The performance of our trade in the past is not a guarantee of future success. When you use the signals, you are solely responsible for any gains or losses you may incur. You must accept that costs may vary between the various platforms. However, it is also possible that the data may have altered and moved in a different direction by the time the trade alert was received. Therefore, once a fluctuation has taken place, you should apply your analysis to make the best transaction. The same holds true for closing a trade.


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